Latest bird flu outbreak in South Derbyshire

An outbreak of avian influenza (bird flu) has been confirmed in commercial poultry birds at a premises near Willington, South Derbyshire, Derbyshire.

Further testing is currently underway to confirm the pathogenicity of the strain and 3km and 10km Temporary Control Zones have been put in place surrounding the premises.

This is the latest outbreak is what has been a series of cases across the UK and European continent recently. The UK is no longer free from avian influenza under the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) rules and an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) has been declared across the whole of Great Britain.

Earlier this week, avian influenza was confirmed in birds at a premises in Lancashire, near Kirkham, Fylde.

Following confirmation of the pathogenicity, the Temporary Control Zones that were put in place have since been revoked and replaced by a 3km Protection Zone and 10km Surveillance Zone.

Cases of highly pathogenic bird flu have also been confirmed near the following areas:

  • Droitwich Spa, Wychavon, Worcestershire (a rescue centre with captive birds – non-poultry);
  • Alcester, Bidford, Warwickshire (a small commercial poultry flock);
  • Frinton-on-Sea, Tendring, Essex;
  • Salwick, Fylde, Lancashire (commercial poultry);
  • Leeming Bar, Hambleton, North Yorkshire (commercial poultry);
  • near Kirkham, Fylde, Lancashire (commercial poultry).

Cases have also been confirmed in Scotland (the Angus constituency) and Wales (near Chirk, Wrexham in backyard chickens and wild birds).

It is believed to be spread from wild birds as they undergo their winter migration.