Last year Kuhn launched its latest set of triple mowers and, nestled in amongst a good range of the rest its products, the company had them on display at this month’s Farm Tractor and Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA) Farm Machinery Show at Punchestown.

The mowers are designed, above all else, to be robust and lightweight with features of the design that achieve both these requirements.

Lightweight grouper frame

Belt groupers need to substantial, yet they also hang at the very rear of the unit, where the leverage on the tractor linkage will be greatest.

Grouper frame lightweight
The grouper frame is light in weight yet still retains is strength

To help reduce this effect the frames are made of aluminium which, in this case, are far from flimsy. There is a firmness about the bars of aluminium used which suggests solidity rather than a tendency to fold in the wind.

The groupers are also variable width and are capable of delivering the machine’s 9.3m cut into one swath in a single pass.

Variable width swath

The swath width may be adjusted to between 1.8m and 3.6m, or the groupers can be lifted out of work to leave the cut and conditioned grass spread.

When working at the headlands, one of the two conveyors making up the grouper can be operated independently with the other out of work. 

Kuhn mowers swath
Swath width can be easily adjusted from cab by ISOBUS control screen or joystick

To keep the swaths looking tidy, the belts can be set to slow down when the mower is raised out of work at the end of a bout.

The company claims that ground following accuracy and precision of cutting is aided by its Lift Control hydro-pneumatic suspension system, along with the Optidisc cutter bars.

Kuhn leaves no grass uncut

The two rear units each have a 3.5m operating width and the front-mounted unit covers 3.1m. The resulting 42cm overlap on each side will ensure a good coverage when working on bends and slopes.

The hoods on the front of the units also retract when in transport mode, allowing the mower to sit closer to the rear of the tractor, helping to reduce the strain on the back end.

Retractable hoods on Kuhn mowers
The hoods at the front of the mower retract when in transport mode

Full ISOBUS control is available or the mowers can be operated by Kuhn’s own CCI A3 joystick handle, this has an integrated screen for displaying key functions.

Also integrated into the control system is an inclinometer which can automatically control the conveyor belt speed, adjusting it according to the steepness of slopes.