Organisers of the farming industry’s annual open day, LEAF Open Farm Sunday (LOFS), Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF) are calling on farmers to take part and organise their own event to demonstrate the industry’s commitment to sustainability, biodiversity, climate mitigation, nutritious food and a well-managed countryside.

Taking place on Sunday, June 12, 2022, it is an opportunity for every farmer to plan their own event, engage their local community, share their farming story, dispel misconceptions and give visitors a hugely positive, memorable experience

More than 100 events took place in 2021, under Covid-safe guidelines, and prior to the pandemic over 350 farms across Britain, covering all agricultural sectors, opened each year.

Annabel Shackleton, LEAF Open Farm Sunday manager explains the importance of the event:

“Last year we launched our new 10-year strategy at LEAF, with a commitment to driving more sustainable circular agriculture through climate, nature, the economy and society.

"In addition, COP26, and the recent National Food Strategy has drawn attention to the impact of farming and food production on climate change. Whilst we have the public’s attention, it is more important than ever that we feed their enthusiasm and interest.

"LEAF Open Farm Sunday is the perfect way for visitors to really understand what best practice looks like and how farmers, and the food sector are part of the solution, delivering for our health and the health of the planet - through the food we eat and the fresh air and countryside that we enjoy.”