In Focus: The Irish Limousin Cattle Society is one of the largest cattle society’s in Ireland. The Limousin breed was first imported in 1972 and the society was established just a year later. It terms of members it has 2,500 members that stretch across Ireland.

According to its breed development officer, Austin Finn, the main purpose is to manage the herd book, promote the Limousin breed in and outside Ireland. “The society’s aim is to provide a service to breeders and customers, and give advice in terms of breed improvement.

“The Limousin breed is top notch. It breeds with balance, good terminal and maternal traits, excellent beef animals. The feed efficiently, good growth rates, easy calving and they produce excellent quality carcass,” explained Finn.

Finn has observed the move by many farmers to dairy. He sees this as both a challenge and opportunity to the society.

“The movement into dairy is a logical move for many farmers as dairy is most profitable and if farm has milking parlours set up without a doubt it is most profitable. Saying that there is still a great opportunity to produce better beef from a dairy herd.”

In terms of challenges, Austin firmly stated that suckler herd is under severe pressure. “The margins are very difficult for farmers. There needs to be a suckler premier to maintain a suckler herd.”

The society is now gearing up for the National Ploughing Championships. “Of course we’ll have a stand. It is a great opportunity to meet members and showcase the breed. It’s a week out for everyone and a nice place to meet people.”

Watch the Irish Limousin National Show at the recent Tullamore Show:

The female classes:

The male classes:

Videos courtesy Robert Smith

Main picture a Limousin suckler herd by O’Gorman Photography