CH4 Global Inc. has announced the first commercial sale and supply of its Asparagopsis-based methane-reducing product for ruminant animals to reduce agricultural emissions.

The initial sale is to CirPro, a leading Australian advanced protein manufacturer and meat processor, for use across its feedlot partners.

CH4 Global’s Australia and New Zealand operations will supply product formulated from Asparagopsis seaweed from both marine and tank cultivation.

The company said that the long-term multimillion dollar commitment, with an option to further expand after the initial term, validates the company’s global production capability and is a substantial step towards meeting its ambitious global growth plan.

Roger Smyth, CEO, CirPro said: “CirPro is excited to partner with CH4 Global for the first commercial supply of Asparagopsis seaweed supplement in Australia.

“This marks an important milestone towards the goal of a carbon-neutral beef industry in Australia by systemically reducing, not just offsetting, emissions. 

“It represents a win for the beef industry, a win for Australia, and a win for the planet,” he added.


CH4 Global’s methane-reduction roadmap includes a five-year target of reaching 150 million cattle – 10% of the world total – on all six habitable continents, which it said will prevent the emission of one gigaton of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent.

Plans for 2023 and 2024 are focused on rapid commercial growth in Australia and New Zealand through Asparagopsis production by its regional subsidiaries, CH4 Australia and CH4 Aotearoa.

The company added that work is also well underway in north America to develop Asparagopsis production capacity there.

In 2024, the company will focus on expanding into the remaining habitable continents and the dairy sector to make a global impact on climate change, at scale.

With a team comprising experienced Fortune 100 executives together with a marine science crew, the company said its internal competencies and bench strength position it well to meet or exceed its targets.

Steve Meller, PhD, CEO and founder of CH4 Global said: “We’ve assembled a top management team steeped in open innovation practices in world-class global organisations.

“The only way to impact climate change at scale, with urgency, is to approach it as transformation, not solely product innovation. No one-off product innovator will be capable of bending the climate curve any time soon.

“Scaling exponentially through our growing partner network makes this agreement the tip of an iceberg that will be more fully realized in the next few years,” he added.

CH4 Global’s proprietary formulation includes Asparagopsis, an ingredient that, when grown and processed to exacting standards, has been proven to reduce enteric methane emissions ( burps) in cattle by up to 90% while improving feed efficiency.

Cassandra Kelly, senior advisor to FutureFeed, the holder of the patent on Asparagopsis methane-reduction efficacy claims, said: “The first commercial sale for CH4 Global was a significant milestone in the commercialisation of Asparagopsis.

“We look forward to the realisation of the significant global impact that this incredible technology offers.”

CH4 Global

CH4 Global Inc. says it is on an urgent mission to address climate change by providing seaweed-based Asparagopsis products to farmers worldwide so they can dramatically reduce the methane emissions of their livestock and realise significant value in the process. 

Founded in 2018, CH4 Global was the first company to obtain an IP licence based on the original scientific research that proves the methane-mitigating benefits of Asparagopsis seaweed.