The end of the the year brings a certain wistfulness to the mind as reflections upon the past 12 months come to the fore.

For better or worse, the camera is my constant companion when taking trips out to meet people or cover events. The essence of these encounters, moments in the lives of all those involved, is worthy I feel, of record and recollection for time changes everything.

I've put together a selection of images taken this year. These are not always technically perfect or artistically exquisite, but to me they are a memento of the minutes in which they were caught, and the key to more thorough recall.

The past

Farming has played a tremendously important role in the lives of many in Ireland and even those who may no longer be active in the industry still turn out to reminisce on the past.

the past tharesher tipperary
Threshing oats in the late autumn sunshine at Littleton in Tipperary. While the men work at the machine, an older fellow looks on, we can only guess at the memories this scene stirs within him

Ford working day Kilkenny
Big Fords burning diesel are always popular with enthusiasts and these are just 3 of the many that gathered at Austin Rothwell's farm in Co. Kilkenny for a workout in September

John deere the past
Araglin lies where the 3 counties of Waterford, Cork and Tipperary meet. It hosts a working silage day every year, John Tobin brought along his mighty impressive John Deere 4020 for the first time

The people

'It's a people business' is a refrain we constantly hear in the industry, and every day brings the truth of that home. Here are just a few of those I had the good fortune to meet over the past year.

Jeremy O'Toole combone oats claas
Jeremy O'Toole is a touch more up to date when it comes to threshing oats. He runs a fleet of the latest Claas combines that cut nothing else to ensure they are kept gluten free for Glanbia

Miachael Farrelly FTMTA
Michael Farrelly was appointed head of the FTMTA in August and brings new life to the organisation. He also made a great portrait shot

Glenmore tractor
At the Glenmore tractor run in Co. Kilkenny, Jenny O’Conner and Kaley Perkins came along with Jenny’s regular drive, a Valtra T214

People business Paul
Pottinger always has some news for the press, as well as coffee and user friendly staff. Here Paul Wilson shows off a crop of maize sown with the company's duplex drill

People business friendly Co Cork
The epitome of the family farm are the Hurleys from Clonakilty. Aiesha is the eldest daughter and is determined to stay farming with an encyclopedic knowledge of every cow's pedigree

Kenny Quaile tractor farmingbusiness refrain
Kenny Quaile of Skerries Co. Dublin, struck off on his own 10 years ago and now runs a thriving dealership for Deutz Fahr and a growing list of other quality brands

Roland Cassidy Donegal
Roland Cassidy with son Calum. Roland had adapted a digger for feeding silage and was keen to share it with Agriland readers

The places

Travelling around the island brings plenty of opportunity to record its scenery, its nooks and corners and its social history.

It is often a privilege to be invited into areas that are usually secluded from the public eye, and even more of a privilege to share them on Agriland.

Selection images year
Besides illustrating the size of today's machinery, the confines of this yard house the stable in which Red Rum was born

places people past
Ireland is known for the verdancy of its countryside and Co. Wicklow is no exception as the trees, heavily laden, proved the perfect backdrop for Steven Collins' SaMASZ triple gang mowers

Edenderry power station places
An era draws to a close. Now that the burning of peat for power generation has been banned, there was a hushed, end of term atmosphere at Edenderry as it awaited news of its future

Year photographs tipperary
A mellow summer evening beneath the Knockmealdown Mountains as these Tanco trailed mowers effortlessly clear a meadow in Co. Tipperary

Secluded country scenery
This quiet moment was caught right down on the coast of Co. Cork as the Hurley family gathered a few acres of summer silage