The Lemken ‘demo day’ is the latest event to be rescheduled due to the ‘Beast from the East’. The major demonstration day – hosted by Lemken and Templetuohy Farm Machinery (TFM) – will now take place a week later on March 15.

Nothing else has changed apart from the date. The machines are all in place and ready to go when ground conditions improve.

According to Derek Delahunty, area sales manager with Lemken here in Ireland, a site inspection was carried out today (Monday) and it was decided to postpone the event.

Ploughs, discs and drills will all be running on the day and attendees will get the chance to try the machinery out for themselves.

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Ploughs on display

The Juwel 8 TCP ISOBUS plough and a five-furrow Juwel 7 plough will be put to work together with a Diamant 11 – a seven-furrow, semi-mounted plough – and a EurOpal 8, fitted with a FixPack press.

Discs on display

The Heliodor 9, Rubin 12 and the Rubin 9 (620mm discs) will also be on display. The Rubin 12 has apparently become “popular for grass reseeding”. The Rubin 9 will be working in 3-5m widths.

Seed drills

A 4m ISOBUS Solitair 9 – with section control and a variable seed rate capability – will also be on display. All drills feature the Lemken double-disc and press-wheel systems. A Solitair 9 can be seen working (as a Heliodor 9 / Solitair 9 [3m] combination) on the day.

The Saphir 7 – a 3m box drill – will also be in action along with the Saphir 8, which has electronic governing seed wheels that allow for variable rate control.