Massey Ferguson showcased its new flagship tractor – the 400hp MF 8740 – at this week’s SIMA show in Paris.

Heading up the enhanced six-model MF 8700 Series, the new MF 8740 is claimed to deliver “high efficiency, fuel economy and straightforward operation”.

According to Massey Ferguson, the relatively “low weight” of the 8740 results in a class-leading power-to-weight ratio of just 26.7kg/hp.

The 8470 is also equipped with Massey Ferguson’s “advanced” new Datatronic 5 terminal.

This delivers tablet-style operation and comes complete with automatic steering, as well as the option of putting “a complete precision farming package at the operators’ finger tips”.

All MF 8700 Series tractors are equipped with Massey Ferguson’s Dyna-VT transmission, which allows operators “to continuously vary speeds to achieve the best work quality”.

“Optimum economy and performance” come courtesy of Massey Ferguson’s Dynamic Tractor Management system. It automatically adjusts the engine and transmission to boost efficiency.

The new ISOBUS-compatible Datatronic 5 terminal is fitted as standard on all new 8700 Series tractors.


Massey Ferguson says its “clear and concise” 9in touch-screen, which employs tablet and smartphone technology, enables operators to access and change settings “quickly and instinctively”.

The same terminal also offers the option to use a suite of other features, including mapping, automatic section control, variable-rate application, record-keeping and fleet monitoring.

Pinnacle of Massey Ferguson’s “pioneering approach”

Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson’s Director of Marketing Services, said the 8700 Series is the pinnacle of the company’s pioneering approach – to producing lightweight and powerful tractors.

“The light weight and high power provide an industry-leading power-to-weight ratio,” he said.

“Combined with enormous strength, this results in a versatile, agile tractor that delivers maximum performance for a wide range of operations.

With a minimum weight of just 10.8t, the 8700 Series tractors are up to 4t lighter than others in this class.


Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson’s Director of Marketing Services

“This allows them to tread lightly for top-work and transport. The strong design enables them to be ballasted up for draft operations or for handling heavy loads – up to a maximum permitted weight of 18t.

“When equipped with the new Michelin AxioBib2 VF 650/85 R42 tyre option, these tractors provide exceptional traction to get the work done faster, while protecting the soil.”