Meet a young photographer whose agri videos have been seen 1.6m times

When Conor Ryan began taking a serious interest in creating agri-machinery videos in 2013 he never imagined his videos would have over 1.6m views by 2016.

Since setting up his accounts on social media sites a little over three-years-ago, Ryan has enjoyed great success.

In three years, Ryan has managed to create close to 150 videos, which have gained over 1.6m views on Youtube as well as thousands of views on Facebook.

His most popular video to date features a haulage company from Ballygar, Co. Galway, helping a local farmer during the silage harvest in 2014.

Video: Amazing footage as haulage crew draw in silage on an Irish farm

However, in the beginning some people were apprehensive of letting a young man with a camera into a field with machinery working around him.

Some people were wary of me at the start, just in regards to farm safety really, but I’m careful and I take precautions when I’m filming.

“I first started calling out to contractors of my own accord. I followed a local contractor around, Bobby Hynes and Sons, and took a few pictures as well as videos,” he said.

Once these videos were posted online they received a lot of attention and contractors themselves began contacting Ryan asking would he create videos of their machinery.

In 2016 alone, Ryan has travelled all over Co. Galway, as well as the counties of Roscommon, Clare and Limerick.

Contractors like to use the videos to promote their business or just to have them to look back on when the year is over.

Busiest Time of Year

The photographer’s busiest time of year spans from June to September when the silage season is in full swing, but Ryan has kept busy over the last few months, especially since he invested in a drone.

“I bought a drone recently and ever since that I have been up the walls with people looking for me to call out. I always try to keep upgrading my gear.

“I already have a number of jobs lined up for next year and some contractors have me booked for the entire year to follow them around,” he said.

The young photographer has turned his hobby into a full-time job, while his brother Jarlath also helps out with graphic design aspects of the business.

“Most people do it as a hobby, but now I’m finding myself going out nearly every day to a different job.”