Climate Corporation, a subsidiary to Monsanto, has agreed a deal to purchase a European farm data company.

VitalFields is an Estonian software business that helps farmers to plan, manage and analyse their field activities, to help ensure compliance with European Union environmental standards.

The company which was founded in 2011 has a long standing relationship with the multi-national company, as Monsanto’s venture capital arm was an early investor in VitalFields.

The VitalFields team will join the Climate Corporation, as the company aims to deliver industry-leading digital technologies to farmers around the world, according to CEO for the Climate Corporation Mike Stern.

At Climate, our vision is to deliver one centralised digital agriculture platform to provide farmers with the tools they need to optimise their operations.

“VitalFields has built a successful business spanning multiple European countries, and we see how their digital tools will complement our Climate FieldView platform offerings in the future.

“This acquisition marks Climate’s first step into the European market, and we’re looking forward to working with VitalFields to grow and enhance their current tools to help farmers maximise their return on every hectare,” he said.

The Estonian company shares the Climate Corporation’s vision of providing one connected digital agriculture platform for farmers across the globe, according to founder and CEO of VitalFields Martin Rand.

“We look forward to the opportunity to expand the availability of the tools we’ve developed to help more farmers across Europe broaden their experience of the value digital tools can provide toward greater efficiency and sustainability,” Rand said.

VitalFields is currently available in computer or app format and allows farmers to log and track their seed, chemical and fertiliser use.

The company currently has clients from the Baltics, UK, USA, Poland and Ukraine and had plans to rapidly expand its operations to Germany, Hungary and Denmark.