The National Association of British and Irish Millers has undergone a rebrand after nearly 150 years in business.

The company has said that with immediate effect they are rebranding as UK Flour Millers.

A spokesperson for the company said:

"First, be assured that our remit remains unchanged. UK Flour Millers will continue to work tirelessly to collate and share a unified industry perspective; and to provide information and guidance both to our members and others such as yourself who may be seeking an industry perspective on issues

Rebranding as UK Flour Millers gives us the opportunity to raise the profile of the UK milling sector and highlight its 21st century credentials as a professional, reliable, important, modern and efficient industry, with excellent career opportunities across a wide spectrum of specialisms.

"Following Brexit, we believe that it will bring us more into tune with the evolving political landscape.

"Given the devolved nature of food and agriculture legislation in the UK and the final settlement between the UK and the EU, we also envisage the development of national associations to better represent members throughout Great Britain and Ireland.

However we are also committed to raising the profile of the flour milling industry as a whole with consumers and our supply chain, including specialised areas which are crucial to the production process but often taken for granted.

"In doing so, we aim to highlight the vital role our members play in feeding and nourishing the nation," the spokesperson concluded.