There has been considerable coverage of one particular machine – built by Elho – that was shown at last month’s Agritechnica exhibition in Germany.

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The machine in question is the Cobra 7710T – a somewhat unusual tractor-powered forage harvester. This Elho-produced video (below) shows the machine in action.

Recommended (required) tractor power is 250-400hp; the tractor must also be able to muster a hydraulic flow-rate of 160L/minute.

Grass is lifted by a series of pick-up tines (mounted on a rotor with no bands); thereafter it’s ‘augered’ across to a 770mm-diameter drum.

For transport, the entire 3m-wide pick-up unit swings up vertically (and the chute hinges down out of harm’s way).

What’s perhaps most interesting is that the feed-rollers and chopping drum (cylinder) are positioned perpendicular to the pick-up unit. This, presumably, makes for a very simple and efficient ‘drive-line’ to the chopping mechanism.

Elho is pitching this machine as a high-capacity forager. It asserts that “a tractor-powered harvester is a cost-effective solution, compared to a [self-propelled] forager where the farm’s maximum engine power cannot be used for more than one job”.

Who or what is Elho?

Oy Elho Ab – to use its full trading name – is a family-owned business that was established in 1968.

The company says that it now specialises in the manufacture of machinery for agricultural contractors.

Its premises are located in Pannainen in western Finland, where approximately 120 people are employed. Up to 70% of its machines are exported – apparently to more than 30 countries.

Elho’s manufacturing facility extends over 9,000m², with a further storage area stretching across 4,000m².