New Holland has introduced a new transmission option for its T6 Series tractors – namely Dynamic Command.

According to the brand, the T6.145, T6.155, T6.165 and T6.175 are the “only models in this segment to feature a new eight-step semi powershift transmission”.

New Holland buyers can now opt for the existing 16F 16R Electro Command box (with a four-step semi powershift); the new 24F 24R Dynamic Command transmission; or the Auto Command CVT – with its stepless speed range.

New Holland

Sean Lennon, head of the tractors product line, explained: “New Holland has a proud historic legacy in providing customers in this segment firstly with product choice and always with value for money – from the 90 Series Fiatagri, TS and TS-A models, through to the current T6 tractors.

“Dynamic Command now introduces an additional level of technology to the sector; there’s definitely a T6 now for every customer and every farming business.”

The Dynamic Command transmission is designed in-house and is built on a new dedicated production line in the company’s driveline plant in Modena, Italy.

New Holland

New Holland claims that its 24F 24R Dynamic Command transmission takes less power to operate, resulting in apparently “higher work-rates and lower fuel usage”.

At the heart of the three-range, eight-step semi powershift box is a Dual Clutch concept, similar to that which operates the range-shifting function within the Auto Command transmission.

The four odd-numbered gears and one clutch are located on one shaft; the four even gears and another clutch are on a second shaft. Power is then modulated between the two clutches; as an odd gear is disengaged with one clutch, the second clutch is engaging the even gear ratio.

Dedicated clutches for forward and reverse ensure “controlled shuttling”, according to New Holland – even on steep gradients. Range shifting is all robotized.

Power losses, say the company, are minimised by the use of a variable-displacement lubrication pump, only supplying the volume of oil that is required – a small detail that, nonetheless, contributes to overall efficiency.

‘Driver-friendly features’

The new T6 Dynamic Command transmission comes with several features, designed to “make the most” of the new hardware.

New Holland

First up is Smart Range Shift; it puts you in the correct gear when making a range shift. Overlap gears from one range to the next are skipped.

Next up is Brake to Clutch; this is useful for jobs where the tractor must stop frequently – typically front loader work. Simply press the brake pedal and the tractor will slow down and come to a standstill; there’s no need to engage neutral or depress the clutch pedal. Release the brakes and drive is re-engaged.

Auto Shift takes care of shifting gears, based on an adjustable engine speed threshold. Depending on the task, the operator chooses how much the engine speed can reduce before a ratio change happens.

Ground Speed Management allows you to dial in the required working speed; Dynamic Command apparently does the rest. It shifts up and throttles back the engine whenever possible; it all happens automatically to maintain the target speed (while apparently reducing fuel consumption).

Adjustable Shuttle Aggression enables the driver to set shuttle sensitivity. Some tasks require the smoothest shuttle possible; sometimes a fast direction change is the priority.

IntelliShift is the brains behind each gear-shift. A closed loop analysis is carried out of: engine speed; input and output transmission shaft speed; load; and forward speed. The aim is to make “every shift as smooth as possible”. Even the oil temperature, says the company, has an influence on those frosty mornings.

Kick Down: For the most rapid acceleration, the driver presses the throttle fully and the tractor will automatically downshift as needed – for peak power.

Transport Power Management: Above 22kph, the engine switches to a power curve with a different profile – that concentrates more power at higher engine revs. This, says the manufacturer, delivers “consistent tractor acceleration rates across the rpm band”.

SideWinder II armrest

T6 Dynamic Command customers can choose from two versions of the SideWinder II armrest; one with electronic hydraulic spool (remote) valves or one for mechanical valves. For the mechanical option, the integrated control panel has been re-positioned to the front of the armrest.

New Holland

The CommandGrip multi-function handle is also available in two versions – fixed or an optional force-based version taken from the Auto Command CVT tractors. Pushing the CommandGrip forwards will shift up gears; rearwards to go down gears.

Engage reverse and the logic reverses; pulling rearwards upshifts.

Nifty steering

To improve front loader work, T6 tractors can now be specified with CustomSteer – a variable-ratio steering feature. With this engaged, just one rotation of the steering wheel can turn the steering fully from left to right.

New Holland

T6 Dynamic Command models can also be offered with ISOBUS Class 3 capability. Coupled to a New Holland round baler with IntelliBale, for example, the baler itself can stop the tractor when a bale is formed, eject the bale and close the tailgate. The driver is left to simply press the shuttle button to recommence baling.