New-look Belarus tractors set to be unveiled

Belarus – also known as MTZ (Minski Traktarny Zavod) – is set to reveal a whole new breed of tractors (a hint of what one of these will look like is pictured above) at next month’s Agritechnica show in Germany.

MTZ is sometimes referred to – using a basic English translation – as MTW (Minsk Tractor Works).

This is especially noteworthy, given that this manufacturer is typically known for its somewhat boxy, traditional-looking machines.

A spokesperson explained: “At the largest [farm machinery] exhibition in Europe, MTW will declare the beginning of a new milestone in its history.

New prototype

“We will reveal a prototype of a new tractor at Agritechnica 2019, as well as updated [current] tractors that have been brought to a modern level.

“The prototype Belarus 742 is a new vision for the legendary MTZ-50 and MTZ-80. In the future, it will be the 742 that will form the basis for the creation of a new Belarusian tractor family – from 50hp to 75hp.

“It will be in line with new tractor-building trends. This model will comply with the latest European Stage V environmental requirements.”

The manufacturer is also planning to unveil a new Belarus 622 – in what it describes as a “special configuration”.

The factory apparently wants to “highlight this tractor’s ability to be used for municipal, forestry and snow-clearing activities”.

The spokesperson added: “The Belarus 923 will appear in modernised form – equipped with an engine that complies with European Stage V environmental standards. We will also exhibit Belarus 952, 1220 and 1523 models on our stand at the event.”

He noted: “The new design of our equipment will inherit the family features of premium-class Belarusian export tractors from the 1970s and 1980s.

Colour ‘genes’ of iconic tractors were taken as a basis; and then restyled with a hint of future design. This applies not only to the colour, but also the shape.

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