The Tenant Farmers Association (TFA) is urging politicians from across the political spectrum to avoid knee-jerk reactions to the outcome of the European Parliament elections.

TFA chief executive George Dunn said: “Outcomes, such as those we have seen from last week’s European Parliament elections can tempt those who have gained to become vitriolic, whilst those losing ground feel forced into making knee-jerk reactions to refocus their campaign agendas.

Labour and Conservative both suffered big losses while Nigel Farage's newly-formed Brexit Party took 29 of the UK's 73 seats.

"However, what we need is for all sides to work constructively to find a new dynamic that will take us through these turbulent, political times.

At the same time as soundbites have won the hearts and minds of many within the electorate, the established political machinery no longer appears to have any traction with the country.

"However, we need more than soundbites to take us forward and if the established ways of doing that are now broken, we must have movement in both ends of the spectrum to achieve what is required."

Dunn warned politicians needed "skill and diplomacy" to take full advantage of the long-term opportunities from leaving the European Union whilst, at the same time, safeguarding the country from some of the challenges we will face.

"As the Conservative Party looks to appoint a new leader, also to become our new Prime Minister, it is essential that whoever that is, they work to secure a sensible transitional arrangement with the EU that will allow us to have a soft landing on our exit,” he said.

"The TFA is also pushing for the Government to get on with the necessary work in putting together the new agricultural and environmental policies required for life after the European Union.

The Agriculture Bill has stalled. It has not been seen since it completed Committee stage in the House of Commons last autumn.

"If this is the legislation around which our new policy for farming and the farmed environment is to be framed, we need to get on with debating the amendments that have been tabled and achieving Royal Assent so that the real work of delivery can begin to take place to get us ready for our exit,” said Dunn.