New report examines what’s next for agricultural commodities markets

AHDB has warned looking ahead at markets will become more crucial to agriculture now than ever as the body releases its latest Horizon report today.

The agri-market outlook draws together the latest data and independent analysis to examine factors affecting each of AHDB’s farming sectors, as well as highlighting key consumer trends to watch.

Covering dairy, pork, beef, lamb, cereals, oilseeds and potatoes, it takes a critical look at what is driving production and trade and how this might play out in the coming year.

The new publication can used by farmers and growers to business plan or to better understand the dynamics of their allied industries.

A first

A first for AHDB, the agri-market outlook showcases the range of data and expertise AHDB’s Market Intelligence team coordinates on behalf of the agricultural industry.

Infographics for each sector, as well as for farm inputs, provide an at-a-glance summary of key data, such as prices, production, consumption and trade.

Phil Bicknell, who heads up Market Intelligence, said: “With 2018 characterised by huge uncertainty, driven by both politics and weather, the one clear certainty is the UK’s farming industry is on the brink of significant change.

“We’ve combined the latest data with our own analysts’ expertise and feedback from our contacts across the agri-food industry to present a full picture of what’s happening across our key farming commodities.

“In the midst of volatile markets, politics and weather, it’s no straightforward task to look ahead but it’s this very uncertainty that makes it more crucial than ever.”

However, Bicknell explained that the uncertainty associated with Brexit underlines the challenge of producing future outlooks or forecasts.

“We have already seen increased volatility in many agricultural commodity markets over the last decade,
powered by the removal of protectionist measures and an increasing exposure to world supply and demand

Collectively, that means looking forward at our industry is far from straightforward. However, that should not mean we don’t and, if anything, this uncertainty means looking ahead is even more crucial.

“That is one reason why we are producing this briefing now. In an uncertain world, I hope AHDB’s independence is both understood and valued.”

The agri-market outlook is the latest edition of AHDB’s Horizon series, which takes an in-depth look at the big issues that influence agrifood and its long-term prospects, to help farmers, growers and industry get fit for the future.