Registrations of new tractors in Ireland improved considerably as 2017 went on.

That was the trend which was evident from the latest tractor registration figures compiled by the Farm Tractor & Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA).

The organisation says that 2017 started badly with a 17% drop in tractor registrations during the first quarter, when compared to the same period of 2016.

However, the market improved gradually from that point onwards – to such an extent that the overall outcome for the year was a shortfall of only 4% (compared with 2016).

A total of 1,796 new tractors were registered during 2017 versus 1,876 in 2016.

31 units were registered in December; that, says the FTMTA, is a “substantial amount” for the end of the year here in Ireland.


Image source: Shane Casey

In fact, the last quarter of 2017 saw 172 tractors registered. That is the highest level (for that time of year) for many years.

Who bought the most new tractors?

The five counties with the highest levels of new registrations during 2017 were as follows:

  • Cork – 206 new tractors;
  • Tipperary – 151 new tractors;
  • Wexford – 115 new tractors;
  • Galway – 110 new tractors;
  • Kilkenny – 90 new tractors.

What about horsepower ratings? Is any trend evident in the size of new tractors now being sold here in this country?

During 2017, more than 84% of all new tractors registered had more than 100hp. Just over 50% had more than 120hp.

What brands topped the sales league?

Due to EU competition regulations, the FTMTA is not permitted to release market share information for a given year, until a full 12 months have elapsed.

That means the association can now publish a breakdown of market shares for 2016.


Image source: Shane Casey

The brands with the highest percentages of new tractor registrations in Ireland during 2016 – a year when the total level of (new tractor) registrations was 1,876 units – is detailed in the table below.

Brand-specific market shares for new tractor sales in Ireland during 2016 (top five):

  • New Holland – 21%;
  • Massey Ferguson – 20%;
  • John Deere – 19%;
  • Case IH – 10%;
  • Claas – 7%.

Image source: Shane Casey