NFU Cymru launches dairy contracts consultation virtual roadshows

Following the recent launch of a long-awaited Dairy Contracts Consultation across the UK, NFU Cymru has launched a series of virtual events to discuss the opportunities it brings for the sector with its members.

National Farmers’ Union, NFU Cymru, NFU Scotland and the Ulster Farmers’ Union have long lobbied for changes to dairy contracts and welcomed the consultation as the “start of a real opportunity” for the sector.

The virtual roadshows will start with an all-Wales meeting on Wednesday, July 15 at 1:00pm chaired by NFU Cymru deputy director and head of policy Dylan Morgan.

The event will include speakers:

  • NFU Cymru deputy president, Aled Jones;
  • NFU Cymru policy adviser, Dafydd Jarrett;
  • Chairman of NFU Cymru’s Dairy Board, Abi Reader;
  • NFU’s chief legal adviser, Nina Winter; and
  • Chairman of the NFU Dairy Board, Michael Oaks.

This will be followed by virtual regional meetings, with speakers Aled Jones, NFU Cymru deputy president; Dafydd Jarrett, NFU Cymru policy adviser and Abi Reader, chairman of NFU Cymru’s Dairy Board, as follows:

  • Monday, July 27 at 7:30pm – South East Wales chaired by NFU Cymru Monmouthshire county vice-chairman David Edwards;
  • Tuesday, July 28 at 7:30pm – South West Wales chaired by NFU Cymru Carmarthenshire County Chair David Gravell;
  • Thursday, July 30 at 7:30pm – South West Wales chaired by NFU Cymru Pembrokeshire county vice-chairman Roger Lewis;
  • Tuesday, August 4 at 7:30pm – North East Wales chaired by NFU Cymru Clwyd county chairman Dewi Jones;
  • Thursday, August 6 at 7:30pm – North West Wales chaired by NFU Cymru dairy board member Trevor Lloyd.

Abi Reader, chairman of NFU Cymru’s Dairy Board, said: “The launch of this long-awaited and important consultation on milk supply contracts will help drive change within the sector.

“At times when the market is under pressure, milk buyers often have the discretion to change contract terms and pricing mechanisms, even to introduce retrospective penalties and price cuts without negotiation.

The Covid-19 crisis has seen many of these scenarios play out. Farmers were hit with price cuts at no notice, there was a unilateral implementation of A/B quotas, a lack of transparency over pricing and delayed payments, which left many businesses in an unsustainable position.

“This needs to change, and we must not waste this opportunity. We must work together for a positive outcome and that is why we have arranged these roadshows, to discuss this consultation with our members.”

All meetings will be virtual and anyone wishing to attend needs to register with NFU Cymru so joining details can be sent to you.