NFU Scotland ‘sets out its vision’ for food quality

The National Farmers Union of Scotland (NFU Scotland) has responded to a Scottish Government consultation, where it “sets out its vision” for high-quality, local food.

The ‘Good Food Nation’ consultation is designed to create a ‘framework legislation’ that would make it incumbent on the Scottish Government and certain public authorities to publish regular statements on food policy.

These statements will relate to issues including: growing; harvesting; processing; marketing; preparation; and consumption of food.

NFU Scotland says it welcomes the proposal for a “unified statement” on food policy.

NFU Scotland called for any changes in food policy to be evidence-based, and that any changes in regulations should be developed in collaboration with producers.

“Farmers, crofters and growers across Scotland produce top-quality meat, dairy, cereals, eggs, fruit and vegetables, and continue to do our part to feed the nation,” said Martin Kennedy, vice-president of NFU Scotland.

He added: “I’m pleased to see the Scottish Government continue to recognise the importance of food in their consultation on a Good Food Nation.

Kennedy argued that domestic food producers should be at the centre of policy.

“If Scotland is to build on the positive place we are in and become a ‘Good Food Nation’, then it must be a nation that values the production of good food,” continued Kennedy.

He went on to argue that part of that process should include educating school children about farming and giving them the skills to “prepare and use fresh food”.