The National Farmers’ Union Scotland’s (NFUS‘) latest intentions survey for farmers and crofters will close on Tuesday (January 10).

The survey, which is sponsored by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), seeks to gauge the impact of input costs on business plans. It went live on December 14, and has already received 150 responses, according to NFUS.

Through the survey, the union aims to find concrete evidence that the business intentions of the Scottish farming industry are being impacted by “unprecedented input costs and flat-lining output prices”.

Commenting on the survey, NFUS president Martin Kennedy said: “In 2023, we will continue to put food security at the top of the political agenda. But to do that, we must have a robust evidence base to inform our discussions with politicians, stakeholders, and the wider agri-food supply chain, including consumers.

“The results in June pointed to significant ramifications for our food and drink sector and all those businesses upstream and downstream who rely on farmers and crofters. We need to know if that picture has deteriorated.

“Tens of thousands of jobs in the food and drink industry in Scotland are reliant on us having a critical mass of production to feed into our processing and manufacturing sector.

“And scores of businesses that supply to farming and crofting businesses are dependent on a thriving and productive agricultural industry in Scotland.”

Chief executive of QMS, Sarah Miller, said Scottish farmers are facing “unprecedented challenges” as the new year begins.

“So, to help us understand how QMS can better support Scottish beef, lamb, and pork producers, we are supporting NFU Scotland in developing their intentions survey, targeting farmers and crofters,” she said.

“We know through talking to livestock producers that they are facing a perfect storm of challenges.

“We want to hear how producers are shaping their businesses to respond to these challenges and, more importantly, how we can support the industry in these unprecedented times.”

All those who complete the survey will be entered into a free draw for a hamper of Scottish food valued at £200.