The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has today (Tuesday, July 4) published the brucellosis compensation rates for July 2023.

The compensation payable, for reactors and negative in contacts for which notice of intended slaughter is issued in July 2023, will be either:

  1. 75% of the animal’s market value;
  2. 75% of £2,268 (75% of £2,568 in the case of pedigree animals).

Brucellosis reactors are animals that have failed a serology blood test for brucellosis and are thus subject to slaughter and related compensation.

The herdowner will receive whichever is the lesser payment applicable to them and DAERA states that in no situation can compensation therefore exceed 100% of the market value. 

The brucellosis compensation rates are the same for the previous months of May and June in 2023.

Brucellosis compensation

The compensation rates are determined through valuations carried out by a DAERA livestock valuation officer.

In the case of a disagreement over the DAERA valuation, a second individual valuation will be carried out by an independent valuer. 

The appeal (together with the required fee of £100 in the case of a herdkeeper) must be sent within 30 working days of the determination of market value.

Farmers are compensated for losses in respect of animals slaughtered under the department’s brucellosis prevention and eradication control programme.

Brucellosis is a highly contagious disease of cattle caused by a bacterium which spreads as result of animals coming into contact with infected female cattle, aborted foetuses or discharged placental tissues and fluids.

The disease can lead to an abortion storm in infected females and if it becomes established can lead to decreased milk yields, infertility, weak calves and serious financial loss.

The disease is particularly dangerous to humans who come into contact with infected animals or material.