Keenan, part of the Alltech empire, unveiled one of its brand new tub feeders at last week’s FTMTA Farm Machinery Show.

The new tub feeder is the result of a tie-up between Keenan and Italian firm Storti.

Together, the two companies have developed a new range of twin and triple-auger vertical (tub) feeders. Long synonymous with the paddle feeder, Keenan is now enthusiastic about the virtues of the tub-type concept.

Twin-auger models form the VA2 range; larger triple-auger units make up the VA3 line-up. Capacities are from 18 cu m right up to 44 cu m.

According to Keenan, the new machines feature “heavy-duty augers with long-lasting, tungsten-coated blades”.

Two additional blades are located at the top of each auger for “faster processing of bales”. The machines can also be had with front (right-hand side) and rear (left-hand side) discharge doors. Two-speed gearboxes, with mechanical cable adjustment to switch between speeds, are fitted as standard.

The twin-auger machine on display at last week’s show – an Italian-built 24 cu m VA2-24S – lists at €52,000 excluding VAT.

Keenan’s Philip O’Dwyer said that the new vertical-auger feeder achieves a very uniform, consistent and controlled mix – to produce high-quality feed.

"These new machines will allow Keenan to expand into new markets and appeal to more customers.

"Our tried and trusted paddle feeders continue to perform well. For example, we have just recently sold our first MechFibre machine into Morocco. That’s thanks to being part of the wider Alltech Group, which has opened up whole new markets for us.”

Keenan also exhibited a MechFibre 365 paddle feeder at the last week’s show, alongside a 12t Orbital muck spreader.