Nominations for those who wish to sit on the national poultry board of the National Farmers' Union (NFU) to actively represent their sector and region, have opened today (Thursday, January 27).

The poultry board's remit is to formulate NFU policy for the poultry sector and represent the needs and interests of NFU poultry members, covering both the poultry meat and egg sectors.

The union is seeking 12 enthusiastic and driven individuals. Board members will help shape the board's priorities and will be given responsibilities for certain work areas which will be expected to be communicated to other NFU poultry members in the member's region.

Communication is therefore an important part of the role, the NFU has said.

Board members are elected for a two-year period, beginning March 2022 and ending March 2024, after which time they may stand down or run again.

The board meets six times a year and members receives an annual honorarium, which is paid monthly. These meetings will either take place in person or online, and attendance is expected at all twelve meetings across the two-year term.

NFU members who would like to be considered for a spot are required to seek support from eight other NFU members and submit a nomination form, available on the NFU website.

The form must be completed and returned to Aimee Mahony, NFU chief poultry adviser - who is also available for any questions - by Sunday, February 27.

Members will be selected via a competitive process which will consider the skillset of nominees by a selection panel comprising an NFU office holder and the union's chief poultry advisor. Short interviews may be conducted.

Once confirmed, the new board will meet for the first time on Wednesday, March 23, where the new chair and vice-chair will be elected.