‘On-the-go’ eating boosts UK pork sales

Britain’s beloved bangers and bacon are boosting pork sales performance in the eating out market.

According to MCA Insight, pork dishes eaten out and about increased by 3% in 2018 to 1.95 billion, growing its share of the out-of-home meat market to 32.5%.

Consumers picking pork at breakfast grew by 5% to 755 million meals, dinner also by 5% to 194 million and snacks 4% to 524 million.

Only lunch lost out, declining by 3% to 480 million meals featuring pork products, reflecting a drop in lunchtime visits across eating out as a whole.

Traditional favourites sausage sandwiches were up 14%, sausage rolls up 10% and bacon sandwiches up 3%.

With breakfast booming across the board and spend increasing to £5.29 a visit, hash browns also benefitted from being on the side, featuring in 2% more meals last year.

Across all foodservice, quality and taste remain the key consideration for customers but cheap prices and good value have risen in importance.

Coffee shops and cafes have grown in popularity, now making up 15% of total eating out. Food-to-go is also outperforming wider foodservice, now holding a third share of the market.

Kim Malley, AHDB senior retail insight analyst, said: “Eating breakfast out of home is becoming more popular as consumers are increasingly time-limited, aiding food-to-go growth too.

“So traditional fare like bacon and sausage sandwiches is benefiting. This positive trend provides further opportunities to get pork on the menu.”