An on-the-job training programme has been created for people of all ages looking to enter the pig industry.

The programme has been created by pig industry recruitment specialist Roadhogs Recruitent Ltd. in collaboration with pig production company Allen Farming Group.

Running for one year, candidates will work across all sections of Allen Farming Group’s business, which covers most types of pig production.

The aim is for entry-level pig stockpersons to gain valuable pig experience to take forward into careers with future pig farms.

Training includes and covers:

  • Intake of stock;
  • Set up accommodation – pens, huts, paddocks;
  • Farm isolation procedures;
  • Integration/acclimatisation/vaccination procedures;
  • Basic stock tasks;
  • Arrange and carry out weighing and handling pigs;
  • Decide if and when to remove pigs from the group;
  • Feed according to instructions;
  • Maintain necessary records;
  • Maintain suitable environment for litter/sows;
  • Make suitable adjustments to the environment;
  • Prepare loading area and move pigs safely;
  • Prepare pigs for dispatch;
  • Weaners/growers/finishers;
  • Identify normal/abnormal conditions of the stock;
  • Adjust feeding/treatment according to needs;
  • Handle pigs, including weighing if practised;
  • Decide if and when to remove pigs from the group.

The sites whereby the training will take place are located in Dorset (here, units offer indoor, fully-slatted breed-to-finish sites) and West Sussex (sites offer outdoor breeding, outdoor rearing and straw-based indoor finishing). Accommodation will be provided if required.

It is a paid placement, with an end opportunity of employment with Allen Farming Group once the course has been completed should a position be available.

Candidates will be paid fortnightly and given 28 holiday days on a pro-rate basis and a workplace pension after a qualifying period.

Those that wish to apply can do so via the Roadhogs Recruitment website.