America imported more than £3 million worth of red meat from the UK in January - almost double the amount shipped in the same month last year.

According to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), exports of pork rose almost 50% to 592t, valued at £1.8 million. This is six million more than January 2021 when £1.2 million worth of pork was exported.

Beef shipments increased from a modest 22t to 220t, worth £1.3 million.

“The figures for January are very encouraging and our pork exports to the US continue to grow," said AHDB senior export manager for the Americas, Susana Morris

However, Morris warned that beef exports will slow this year as the US beef import quota has been filled.

"Unfortunately, we are expecting our beef exports to decrease in the year ahead, as exporters now face a tariff of 26.4%, making it very difficult for the UK to compete on cost," she said.

Exports to the US

The AHDB continues to call the US a "key target market" for AHDB's export team, which is working to raise the profile of pork, beef and lamb from the UK to buyers across the country.

Part of this included an AHDB-organised meat and cheese tasting event in Los Angeles, California last month, where over 40 key influencers in America got to sample UK pork and beef.

Guests also got to meet with exporters to learn about Britain’s high animal-welfare standards and traceability.

“We had a great deal of interest from buyers, chefs and butchers, who were shown cuts of red meat that differ to those in the US," said Susana.

"They were also extremely interested in the UK’s high animal welfare standards and our hormone-free meat – all of which makes our red meat appetising to American consumers.

 “We know that the US presents many opportunities for our red meat exporters, so AHDB is committed to showcasing our products to buyers across the US.

"We will continue to attend trade shows and host our own activities in this market, to help build on these impressive export figures in the year ahead.”