Candian farmers have put up a reward of $500,000 for information on suspects sabotaging their potato crop with pins and nails in the country.

Someone on Prince Edward Island has been putting pins and nails in the potato crop, and locals are calling it an act of food terrorism, the Guardian reports.

Other islanders are calling it sabotage, it says.

Farmers on the island have put up a reward of $500,000 for any leads to catch the criminal.

This was originally a reward of $100,000 but with no answers, it was raised to the above figure.

The search is on to find the criminals who are responsible for inserting pins and nails into the potato crops on the island it has been reported in the Guardian. 

The paper also notes that a number of shops across four provinces in Canada are reporting the case of pins and nails found in potatoes produced on Prince Edward Island.

The Guardian says that the island relays heavily on the potato crops which is a billion dollar industry between growing and processing the tubers.

It also has had an impact on the tourism industry on the islands; these acts have dealt a massive blow for the locals, it says.

Alex Docherty potato farmer and Chairman of the Prince Edward Island Potato Board said farm families all over the world work so hard to produce food and have something like this is happen is disheartening.

The people doing this are cowards, lower than a snake wearing snowshoes.

Politicians have also stepped in to aid the farmers and processors during this crisis and have put forward $2m, the paper reports.

This funding has allowed them to equip their machinery with metal detectors to pick up on the nails and pins, it says.

The Guardian reports that 40 of the island’s 250 potato farms have installed similar equipment, and in the meantime remain content to leave the Royal Canadian Mounted Police(RCMP) to catch the suspect.