An unfortunate driver of a tractor drawing a trailer of bales became the subject of a caption contest on social media earlier today, Wednesday, July 24.

The driver in question required assistance from Road Policing Scotland yesterday when the trailer of bales being towed overturned on a major road route in central Scotland.

The incident resulted in a number of hay bales spilling out onto the A9 road, requiring an articulated loader to put them back upon the implement.

Making the most of the matter, the policing unit’s social media account took to Twitter with photos of the accident, announcing a “caption contest”.



In a tweet, Road Policing Scotland said: “Perth Road Policing attended near to the A9 yesterday to ‘bale’ out the driver of the below incident; the driver will certainly ‘hay’ a lot of explaining to do later.

“Winner announced at 5:00pm,” the tweet added.

Predictably, the tweet prompted a host of replies, with straw, bale and bedding puns aplenty.