The Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RSABI) and Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) have been chosen to benefit from donations made to the fund made for ‘Britain’s loneliest sheep‘.

The ‘Fiona Fund’ has been set up by the farmers involved in the rescue of Fiona the sheep, also known as Britain’s loneliest sheep, from the foot of cliffs in the Scottish Highlands.

The fund aims to be a fundraising legacy for both Fiona and for those who rescued her.

Thee farmers involved in her rescue and her new home have set a target of £2500 to be raised for the SSPCA and RSABI.

Ben Best of Dalscone Farm – where Fiona now resides – said: “We know that Fiona has touched the hearts of millions of people world wide.

“We have had loads of requests about how to donate to her because but she’s got everything she could ever need at Dalscone.

“So, instead, we have set up the Fiona Fund in her name and would love to raise some money for some very important charities which have been involved in her rescue and her story so far.”

Britain’s loneliest sheep

Farmers from The Sheep Game group rescued Fiona, who they dubbed ‘Britain’s loneliest sheep’, from the foot of cliffs after she had been there for at least two years.

Fiona was rescued from the bottom of cliffs off the coast of Brora, a village in the Scottish Highlands.

In a video posted on The Sheep Game’s Facebook page, Cammy Wilson said: “We’ve come up here with some heavy equipment and we’ve got this sheep up an incredible slope.

“She is in incredible fettle. SSPCA (Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) are here, she has had a full check over.

“She has a condition score of 4.5, she is over-fat. And it was some job lifting her up.

“Britain’s loneliest sheep is lonely no more,” he said.