Less than 24 hours after a landmark deal was signed to allow grain exports resume through ports in Ukraine, Russian missiles have struck Odesa.

The Ukrainian military has said that two missiles struck the port, while a further two were shot down by the country’s air defence systems.

The Black Sea port was among several locations covered by an agreement signed yesterday (Friday, July 22) by representatives from Russia and Ukraine.

Following months of talks brokered by the United Nations (UN) and Turkey, it was agreed that significant volumes of commercial food could be exported from three key Ukrainian ports: Odesa; Chernomorsk; and Yuzhny.

The locations have been blockaded by Russia forces as part of the ongoing war, resulting in tens of millions of tonnes of grain unable to be exported.

UN secretary general Antonio Guterres yesterday hailed the deal as “a beacon of hope, possibility and relief”.

The UN chief said it was “an agreement for the world” which would bring to developing countries which rely on exports from Ukraine, along with helping to stabilise global food prices

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However, following the latest developments, it is unclear how viable the deal now is.

The missile strike has been condemned by the European Union’s high representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Joseph Borrell Fontelles described the attack as “particularly reprehensible” on Twitter.

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The United States ambassador to Ukraine said that the missile strikes were “outrageous”.

“The Kremlin continues to weaponise food. Russia must be held to account,” Bridget A. Brink said.