Starbucks and Arla Foods have partnered to develop a three-year pilot with the aim of producing an industry-leading blueprint to help reduce emissions associated with dairy production.

The pilot, which will begin development in January 2022, will work with 14 of Arla's UK farmer owners to identify innovative new farming practices and industry-leading methods to reduce dairy farming emissions.

The resulting blueprint, after being underscored by Arla’s sustainability research and development work and independently validated by a third party, will be used to support Starbucks dairy suppliers across Europe and the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Starbucks and the selected Arla farmers will focus on three key areas: environmental stewardship, animal health and welfare, and ensuring profitability for the farmers through the industry leading Arla UK 360 farm standards programme.

The last key area is appreciated by one of the chosen farmers Mark Glanvill (pictured top). Mark manages 280 cows in the southwest of England, on a farm that has been passed down the generations of his family since 1816.

"Whilst Arla’s dairy farmers are at the forefront of reducing emissions of dairy, it has to be recognised that this comes at a cost to production, our action can only be as fast as our finances allow," he said.

In joining the Arla UK 360 programme, Starbucks has shown recognition of this whilst its blueprint ambitions also demonstrate an understanding that sustainable sourcing must meet the criteria of good nutrition made with lower emissions and a helping hand for nature."

Graham Wilkinson, group senior agriculture director at Arla Foods echoed this point:

“I hope it [the pilot] also provides reassurance to Starbucks customers to know that behind every cup is a combined effort to support farmers to run profitable and sustainable dairy farms."