Steyr​​​​ has introduced a new telematics system for recording tractor operations and the real-time monitoring of locations to better inform management decisions.

Called S-Fleet telematics technology, it is designed to be used in conjunction with the dedicated MySteyr online portal.

The company claims that it can help enhance business efficiency for Steyr tractor owners.

All of Steyr's tractors, from the Kompakt S series to the Terrus CVT, can now be equipped with S-Fleet telematics. It may also be used with older models or ranges.

Steyr tractor data on phone or PC

If a tractor is equipped with S-Fleet, the owner can create an account online via the MySteyr website and register the machine.

Live and stored data relating to the tractor and its activities may then accessed.

Stery cab with MySteyr
The Steyr telematics system is compatible with all new and most later models

This can be done via the S-Fleet app using a smartphone or tablet.

If more detailed analysis is required to aid long-term planning, the S-Fleet portal on the MySteyr website can be used instead.

The system enables customers to create an online account to register their tractors via the website, and then provides a gateway to S-Fleet telematics data.

It may also provide a high-level overview of owners’ tractor fleets and enables them to edit the information.

Single data point

The idea behind the app and web portal is to create a central place for users to observe their machines in real time, and to automate the key processes of fleet, farm and data management.

The current status of a tractor can be easily identified. Whether its engine is running or it is in work can be immedietly ascertained, enabling owners to keep a watch on their machines and work progress.

It is also possible to see the information relating to the status of the machine over the past seven days, including total and average fuel consumption.

Steyr kompakt tractor
The new telematics system can be used on all machines down to the Kompakt series

An alert tab displays any alerts from the tractor terminal and/or instrument cluster, which can be filtered by severity.

When expanded, it will show a brief description of the symptom. These reports of machine data can be created for a period of up to two years.

Aid to farm management

A further tab allows users to quickly analyse all agronomic data, and is compatible with multiple formats.

Another integrated feature allows creation of pdf, csv and other file report formats through the online S-Fleet portal.

Users can send files, such as field boundary maps or prescription maps for variable seed rates, directly to the relevant machine, thus avoiding the risk of human error in transferring data across.

In addition, Field View can help generate harvest or soil maps, while Report Builder can provide a concise summary of the tasks carried out on a specific field.