A stop notice has been issued by the Environment Agency to a Norfolk landowner to halt the unauthorised deposit and burning of waste following a major fire last month.

The notice was issued to prevent the deposit of waste and waste fires on land at Kenfield Farm, Main Road, Clenchwarton near King’s Lynn, after a blaze in May on the land.

A Stop Notice is issued to prohibit a particular activity where the Environment Agency believes there to be a significant risk to human health or the environment.

The deposit and burning of waste is now prohibited at Kenfield Farm.

If the landowner fails to comply with the notice they can then be taken to court and prosecuted, as breaching the notice is a criminal offence.

The notice will remain in place until such action is taken to mitigate the risk and the site has been brought into compliance.

Investigations into alleged waste activities at the site are continuing.

Phil Henderson, Enforcement Team Leader at the Environment Agency, said:

"We take unauthorised waste activity very seriously and will take the necessary action to prevent the risks that this poses and prosecute those responsible where appropriate.

"Everyone producing waste, including small businesses and householders, must ensure that their waste is only taken by registered waste carriers to properly permitted waste sites. Otherwise they themselves could be liable to prosecution.