Straw prices in the west have increased to as high as €25/bale recently, and even higher in some areas.

A recent look at Donedeal for 4X4 round bales of straw has shown that some bales have been advertised for as much as €25.

Straw prices have been steadily increasing all summer, with round bales being available for €15/bale in Co. Galway in August.

Meanwhile, round bales of straw can be purchased for between €8-12 in parts of Leinster and Munster. As well as this the 8X4X3 square bales can be bought for between €22-24/bale.

However, the increased prices have not deterred buyers with most sellers reporting a good interest or having sold bales within a week of advertising.

Sample Prices:

  • Galway - €18
  • Mayo - €25
  • Roscommon - €20
  • Leitrim - €18
  • Donegal - €20
  • Kerry - €20  

Despite the west, traditionally being a more expensive area to buy straw, the recent price hike is due to the scarcity of straw this harvest, according to a spokesperson for the Irish Grain Growers' Association (IGGA).

He said that the price increase in straw this year is down to scarcity and the volume simply wasn't there this harvest.

"During this year's harvest winter barley was down almost three bales to the acre compared to a normal year.

"On the other hand, an increased demand level from farmers who cleared out their stock of straw last spring could have contributed to the price increase."

There is a possibility that next spring, when cows begin calving, we could see lads selling straw for between €16-18/bale out of the shed.

The straw market generally quietens down between now and January as tillage farmers are busy with other jobs and those who have straw stored in a shed won't be interested in moving it until the new year, he said.