One of the most eye-catching exhibits at Agritechnica 2019 (in Germany) is this 'concept tractor' (pictured above and below) from Steyr.

The (150kW/204hp) tractor is powered by a four-cylinder FPT engine, which drives an electric generator. This generator then powers four electric wheel-motors, plus a fifth electric motor for the PTO.

This 'hybrid' tractor also has an on-board battery - with a capacity of 30kWh. The manufacturer says that a 60kWh version is possible too.

As well as having an electrically-driven PTO, the tractor can also supply electricity to power suitable implements/machines at the rear.

Interestingly, the tractor is also designed to operate whilst in 'real-time' communication with a drone - to enable it to process a greater array of (in-field) data.

Meanwhile, in related news, CNH Industrial - the conglomerate that encompasses Steyr, Case IH, New Holland and other brands - indicated that Steyr will be positioned as a "premium brand".

[also-read url="" title="CNH to position Steyr as a ‘premium short-line brand’"]

Speaking at a recent international press conference, Derek Neilson – president of CNH Industrial’s agriculture division – explained: "We will invest heavily in Steyr to strengthen its position as a premium European brand – leveraging its long-standing passion for quality and reliability…with cutting-edge features and styling across a full-range tractor portfolio aimed at the most professional and demanding farmers in Europe.

"As a premium short-liner, the brand is open to partnerships with implement brands that are complementary to its superior positioning."