It would appear that AgriLand readers have a capacious interest in slurry tankers; particularly those so big that they’d hardly squeeze through a typical Irish (or Clare) gateway.

Conor Engineering’s latest 5,500-gallon tanker caused quite a stir last week. So, here’s another monstrosity (pictured below) for your viewing pleasure. We stumbled across this specimen on a recent visit to Amazone’s headquarters in Germany.

This unit – the Danish-built Samson PG II 20 – has an Amazone Catros+ 6002-2 (disc/roller) coupled to the rear. It attracted AgriLand‘s eye at the recent Amatechnica event.

Alas, this tanker must make do with a slightly smaller capacity (5,300 gallons / 20,000L) than Conor Engineering’s latest creation. Moreover, it has only two axles.

Its applicator places slurry on the ground; the Amazone rig at the rear incorporates it into the soil. A roller then follows – to consolidate the ground. This all happens in a single pass.

One problem

However, there’s one slight problem; a contraption like this simply wouldn’t fit into many Irish farmyards.

The filling arm alone might struggle to make its way through the front gate.

For posterity, you can compare the aforementioned tankers below.

Who Is Conor Engineering?

Conor Enineering, which is based in west Clare, was founded in 1969. The entity manufactures slurry tankers and agitators, side spreaders, swathers, along with bale wrappers and handlers.

The family business, which has dealers dotted about Ireland, has distributors as far afield as Lithuania and Estonia.

In fact, the Clare-based business has customers all over the globe – from Iceland to Australia.