The rural community are easy targets and there’s a lot of very agitated farmers out there sleeping with a shotgun beside the bed, according to a farmer from the northeast.

Speaking on Newstalk, the farmer, called Mick, has had eight cattle stolen from him and other members of his family have also been hit by cattle rustlers.

He said that farmers now have to be their own police force and have had to resort to some sort of action.

“Is this what I’m paying my taxes for? Is it the law of the jungle out there?

“People got results from taking the law into their own hands,” he said.

Mike Tyson isn’t capable of beating seven men by himself nevermind a joe soap like myself.

John and Bernadette Burns, who are out of pocket about €10,000, also spoke to Newstalk.

“There’s terrible stress on us, everything has to be locked up before you leave, it’s an awful worry on us.

“The way cattle and milk prices have dropped you need every penny,” Bernadette said.

John said that they’ve 18 keys for locking up on one bunch and that ‘it’s a bit of a dose‘.

“We didn’t sleep for a long time, nearly a month. It ruins your life,” he said.

Tonight (November 24), there is a Save Our Local Community meeting in the Knightsbrook Hotel in Trim, Co. Meath at 7.30pm.