Ross Lonergan has created a masterpiece in this slurry spreading tutorial!

First off, tractor choice is key and Lonergan briefly goes through some of the options, but says his favourite is the New Holland TS100. After that, the choice is your tank and he opts for a HiSpec model for this exercise.

Inside the tractor cab, Lonergan quickly details the controls, from the foot throttle to the hand throttle and gears. It's one, two, three and four and then it's high and low, in case you're not sure!

However, Lonergan comes into his own when the PTO takes off...over the noise Lonergan shouts that he's working at 5km/h as he concentrates on even distribution and keeping out from the ditch. "About a foot," he recommends so you're not encouraging the weeds to grow!

Ross demonstrating a detailed tutorial "How to spread slurry", because well, we all need to know!

(second effort at posting this, I'm not as talented as my brother, gis a share for our troubles!!)

Posted by Nicole Lonergan on Monday, 25 April 2016

When the tank is empty it's time to turn off the PTO, to avoid dumping any slurry not the road - Lonergan advises that the general public tends not to like it when farmers do this!

With pumping tunes in the cab, Lonergan's music choice ranges from Kodaline to Flor Rida. Other tips from Lonergan include turning off the four-wheel drive when you leave the field or "you'll wear the wheels wicked". Serious advice Ross!

Back to the slurry advice, key advice on filling the tank - it takes a trained ear - to hear when the tank is almost full and serious dexterity from Lonergan to race back into the cab to turn the PTO back off.

Our favourite bit of advice was in relation to wearing gloves when attaching the hose from the slurry tank...not wearing gloves means you don't have to actually tell women on a night out that's you've a bit of land!

Big thanks to Ross' sister Nicole for sharing the video of her brother hard at work.