Well-known television personality Jeremy Clarkson is upping the ante on his recent efforts to bring farming to the small screen as part of a new television series - investing in a flock of sheep for his enterprise.

The former Top Gear presenter, who now appears on Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour, attended Thame Farmers Auction for its summer sheep fair late last week, buying a number of sheep at the event.

Clarkson is preparing to kick off his latest show, ‘I Bought A Farm’, which is expected to begin filming in September.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, August 2, the television personality said: "Bought these 'cows' today for the farm."

Clarkson owns and lives on a 400ha (1,000ac) tillage farm in Chipping Norton, in Oxfordshire, England, apparently named Diddly Squat.

Speaking to the Sunday Times back in May, Clarkson said: “This is actual farming: life; death; and form filling.




“We’re not making Countryfile. We’ll be showing it warts and all."

The television personality raised concerns surrounding food security on a global scale going forward.

“Scientists calculate we have just 90 years before we run out of food, because of soil depletion,” he told the Sunday Times.