The presidents of four UK farming unions have sent a letter expressing solidarity with Ukrainian farmers to the Ukrainian National Agrarian Forum today (Wednesday, March 2).

The letter, coordinated by the Union's of British Agricultural Bureau in Brussels, was signed by Minette Batters of the National Farmers' Union (NFU); Martin Kennedy of NFU Scotland; Aled Jones of NFU Cymru (Wales); and Victor Chestnutt of Ulster Farmers Union (UFU).

Addressed to "All Ukrainian Farmers", it begins by expressing shock at the ongoing conflict in the region.

Ukraine has been at war with Russia after the latter launched attacks on Ukrainian cities a week ago, on February 24.

"We write today on behalf of farmers across the United Kingdom. We are watching with shock and horror at the unfolding events in your nation," the letter reads.

"We are appalled at the dreadful situation that the people of Ukraine are facing following the Russian invasion.

"We wish to express our support to everyone in Ukraine and all Ukrainian farming families caught up in these horrifying events and to offer any assistance that may be possible for us to give you," it continues.

"We stand in solidarity with you at this horrifying moment in your history."

The letter continues to acknowledge the "atrocious and unprecedented" challenges that have been added to an already busy time of year on farms; spring.

"If there is anything we can do to offer support, please contact us," it concludes.