One of the UK’s largest supermarket groups has cut the price of more than 40 dairy products.

Sainsbury’s said that from today (Tuesday, May 30) the price of more than 40 of its own-brand dairy products will drop by up to 60% on some products.

It said one of the reasons why it had decided to introduce the price cuts was because commodity prices were starting to drop for milk.

But the retailer also pledged that the price cuts would “not impact how much we pay our farmers” and that it would continue to work with its farmers to help them navigate cost pressures while also keeping prices as low as possible for its customers.

According to Sainsbury’s the key aim of the price cuts was to provide support for its customers during continued food inflation and the cost-of-living crisis.

Price reductions

Food commercial director at Sainsbury’s, Rhian Bartlett, said: “With the rate of grocery inflation remaining at a record high, we want to do everything we can to help our customers manage their budgets and keep prices low on the products they buy most often.

“Whenever we are paying less for the products we buy from our suppliers, we will pass those savings on to customers.

“As we see the commodity prices starting to fall for milk, we have lowered the price of over 40 own brand products in supermarkets.”

Bartlett said customers will save on a “wide range” of dairy products including hard and soft cheese, yoghurts and cream.

Some examples of the price cuts include Sainsbury’s fat free natural yoghurt which has been reduced by 60% – down to £0.40 from £1.

It has also cut the price of its light soft cheese 250g which has been reduced by 40% – down to £1.20 from £2.

Meanwhile its fat free cottage cheese natural 300g has been reduced to £1.30 from £1.85, a reduction of 30% while Sainsbury’s own-brand 300ml double cream was also reduced by 30%, down to £1.15 from £1.65.

Last month the supermarket group followed its competitors in the UK and reduced the price of its own-brand milk to just £1.55 for four pints, £1.25 for two pints and 90p for a pint.