The Ulster Wool depot team grades tonnes of wool on a daily basis, ensuring farmers across Northern Ireland realise the true market value for their wool.

Over 1.2 million kg of wool was sold last year on behalf of registered producers, and prices have continued to rise this season.

Depot manager Jayne Harkness-Bones said: “We’ve seen great results at the first five sales this season.

Prices for most types are around 10p/kg higher than we achieved last season and clearances have averaged over 90%. This means we’re confident that producers will be paid more for their wool this year.

Head grader Allen McIntosh can grade over 4.5t of wool a day, sorting wools into over 100 different grades to ensure returns to farmers are maximised.

This year the body set up collection points in the west.

Still time to drop off

Joint depot manager Stephen Preston added: “The trial intermediate depot at Taggart Jack in Strabane will be collecting wool until Monday, October 1.

"This is a great facility for farmers to use, as well as the other collection sites in the area which will continue to collect wool beyond this date.”

With the winter months approaching and farmers now focusing on clearing sheds ready for housing stock, the team welcomes existing and new producers to bring their wool to the Ulster Wool depot.

To avoid waiting suppliers are advised to call in advance to book their delivery.