Farmer-owned wool marketing collective Ulster Wool is seeking nominations for its next non-executive board member.

Current member Brendan Kelly (pictured above) will reach the end of his term in March 2021.

Kelly has offered himself for re-election. However, Ulster Wool is also opening up the process for nominations from other candidates.

Ulster Wool

Ulster Wool is a producer co-operative in Northern Ireland with 3,500 registered sheep farmers. Depending on the interest, elections will be held in January 2021 and those appointed will hold the office for three years from April 2021.

Non-executive board members are expected to work approximately 30 days a year, attending board and other relevant committee meetings over a period of two or three days each month, as well as other local and national Ulster wool businesses.

The producer-elected non-executive board member must live in Northern Ireland and will be part of the non-executive team that reviews the business’ strategy, major business initiatives and investment, and monitors the performance of the executive board members.

Also part of this team are the unelected non-executive members, who are appointed to the board because of their significant executive experience in areas such as finance and marketing, gained through senior business careers.

Producer elected non-executive board members are expected to market and promote the value that Ulster Wool adds, both directly to producers and through effective communication with the elected regional committees.

They will also communicate views and suggestions from the producer base and their regional committee to the board.

Successful candidates will undertake the board’s induction programme and any other relevant non-executive member training. The current annual remuneration is £9,218/year. Reasonable business expenses will also be paid.

To be eligible, candidates must be nominated in writing by 10 registered wool producers who will each need to supply their address, authorised signature and registration number.

Nominations should arrive no later than 6:00pm on Thursday, January 7, 2021, and can be made by fax, email or post.

No special form of nomination is required, but Ulster Wool will supply suitable forms, and further information, if required.