Farm vets Ami Sawran and Claire Whittle have taken to the airwaves to present two new monthly podcasts aimed at the farming and farm veterinary communities.

VetSpective for Farmers and VetSpective for Farm Vets are the go-to places for the latest news and advice during a lively 30-minute discussion with Ami and Claire, who welcome special guests to each episode.

As well as practical tips and advice for farmers, topics discussed include mental health and wellbeing among farmers and farm vets, especially during the pandemic, which has increased worry and feelings of isolation.

Ami is Practice Principal at Westpoint Farm Vets in Chelmsford and, as well as undertaking all aspects of commercial farm work, her main veterinary interests lie in production animal welfare and smallholding.

Claire works at LLM Farm Vets in Whitchurch and enjoys working with cows, either on fertility routines or seeing sick cows.

Ami said:

The podcast is an exciting way to make information about the farm veterinary industry accessible when you’re on the move. Whether you’re a farmer out on a tractor, or a vet on your way to an emergency call-out, you can pick up relevant tips and information at any time.

"I’m really pleased to be part of something that embraces technology to drive more engagement with livestock farming and agriculture – the industry that Claire and I love being a part of. Farm vets are a small but far-flung community, and I hope our podcast chats can make us all feel closer.

"The first episode has been well received, so I’m hopeful that listeners will join the conversation and send in comments and ideas for topics to cover in the future. Everyone’s 'Vetspective' is valuable to us."

The first podcast, Vetspective for Farmers, discusses the benefits of tightening calf blocks and can be found on the VetPartners website.

The first episode of Vetspective for Vets delves into the often-overlooked issue of mental health in farming and is out on October 28.

There will then be a new episode alternating between the two podcasts available every two weeks.