Visitors to this year’s LAMMA show in England might spot an unusual tractor, which has been designed to tackle steep slopes.

The low-slung Reform range of equipment is specifically aimed at those working on steep inclines, be it in agriculture or groundcare. A very low centre of gravity allows maximum work angles up to 45 degrees.

Simon Richard Ltd distributes Reform tractors and other products across the UK and Ireland, while Reform is also known as a manufacturer of snow ploughs and snow blowers.

Reform Mounty

Reform Mounty tractors will feature at LAMMA 2017.

The company will showcase its latest model, the 109 horsepower Mounty 110V, at the show. It is powered by a stage 3B emission-compliant engine. Like its predecessors, it is described as a cross between a tractor and multi-function tool carrier.

Like existing Reform Mounty tractors, it is fitted with a hydrostatic transmission with three speed ranges. Range one is from 0–10km/h; range two is from 0–20km/h; and range three is from 0–40km/h.

There are various control options, including an inching pedal. There are electro-hydraulically engaged PTOs at the front and rear, with a range of speed offerings.

These machines are typically used for for mowing and mulching steep areas, like motorway embankments or on marginal or hilly ground.

Some are fitted with front loaders, just like ‘conventional’ tractors, and tackle day-to-day agricultural work.

Distributor Simon Richard explained that the market for these machines is quite specialist.

Reform Mounty tractors are designed and manufactured in Austria, where there is some very challenging terrain.

“Because they are specialist products and come with a very high specification, they are more expensive to buy than your typical agricultural tractor,” he said.

Mounty ReformMounty Reform tractors are specialist multi-purpose vehicles.

The new Reform Mounty 110V is expected to cost approximately €100,000 here in Ireland.

The machine set to be on display at LAMMA will sport a 2.2m-wide flail mower on the front and another 2m-wide offset unit on the rear.