Construction began on an 8,000 head dairy farm, called Meadowstar Dairy, in Minnesota in March 2015 and the building of the farm was all caught on camera.

This video, which was filmed by Aaron Zenner, kicks-off with the foundations for the milking parlour going in and the parlour walls going up.

It is understood that 500,000 pounds of milk are produced by the cows on the farm every day and Meadowstar Dairy employs about 50 people when it is fully operational.

By June, construction begins on the main barn on the farm, which is 20ac in size, with the setting of the poles and rafters for the barn. It shows the inside of the milking parlour taking shape.

Following on from the barn construction, the 2015 cut of silage is put in the huge pit and is covered with plastic and tyres.

By October 26, the dairy farm is ready to go and the first milking of the 8,000 head dairy takes place.

Some 106 cows can be milked on the carousel at one time and once milked the cows will then move to the 20ac.

The video shows from pictures taken from above how the dairy was built from a field to a fully-functioning dairy farm.