You can now get up close and personal with cows, without leaving the couch or chair that you're sitting on.

Allan Dixon has created a 360 degree interactive video where you can move the camera around to look at cows.

Now you'll know what it's like to be licked and sniffed by cows as they inspect the camera.

Uploaded onto the 360 degree Thrill YouTube account, it says to wait for the inspection to unfold as reverse cow tipping comes into play.

Cows are avenged for the urban myth about cow tipping, creeping up on a cow and pushing it over for entertainment, as it's the turn of the cows to tip over the camera.

The video already has over a quarter of a million views already and was recorded in Co. Wicklow.

The tool on the video allows whoever is watching the video to turn the camera 360 degrees, and as the cows inspect the camera, be prepared to be tipped over.

The cows are definitely interested in the camera, as they all appear to want a piece of the action.

With the weather over the coming days promising heavy rain, this video might be a nice break from the dark clouds as the video was recorded on a bright sunny day!