Harvest 2016 is well underway across the country, with combines taking to the fields to cut this year's tillage crops.

JCF Drone Productions were on hand in Co. Meath over the weekend to film the barley harvest on a farm in Trim.

It got this great video of the harvest, which shows a John Deere combine harvester at work in the field. It also captured a John Deere tractor and trailer collecting the grain.

It then shows the tractor and trailer bringing the grain away from the field to the store.


The weather over the next few days for harvesting is forecast to bring a mixture of sunshine and showers, according to Met Eireann.

It will be mainly dry during the daytime tomorrow, Wednesday, with some brightness in places at first and a little sunshine.

It's forecast to be generally overcast conditions will develop as the day goes on, however, and rain will begin to spread from the Atlantic during the evening and early night.

On Thursday, rain will clear to showers during the day but this clearance may be a slow process for some areas, and there is unlikely to be much, if any, sunshine, according to Met Eireann.

Current indications suggest that Friday will be much brighter generally but there will be scattered, mainly light showers to contend with also.

All areas are likely to have occasional showers from late morning to early evening on Saturday and Sunday is likely to continue mainly dry aside from light showers here and there.