Strip-till specialist Mzuri introduced a low disturbance coulter system for its Pro-Til machines at LAMMA 2017 today.

The new coulter design delivers improved seeding depth accuracy with less soil disturbance, according to Mzuri.

As only the points come into contact with the soil, metal wear and tear is said to be reduced, with the promise of lower running costs. Tungsten upgrades are available to extend point longevity further.

[caption id="attachment_148707" align="alignnone" width="728"]Mzuri Pro Til 3T Mzuri's strip-till drill working directly into stubble.[/caption]

The machine's legs feature an integral seed distribution unit, complete with a vent to regulate air pressure which is said to aid precise seed placement. The new coulters should be easier to service, as just the points (the only wearing part) need to be replaced.

Pro-Til drills are typically fitted with a row of leading discs followed by a set of staggered legs. This approach is designed to cope with stubble, straw and residues, which are challenges for those practising strip tillage.

Machine concept

Mzuri is heavily invested in the strip tillage concept. It points to a supposed list of benefits, compared with plough-based or zero tillage systems. Strip tillage drills only cultivate a narrow band of soil, leaving the rest of the area intact. This, says Mzuri, allows nature to do more of its work.

Mzuri advocates that previous crop residues be left on the surface, to boost soil health, increase levels of organic matter and to reduce subsequent labour and fuel costs.

Irish converts

The Irish agent for Mzuri is Kellys of Laois. Kellys have confirmed that a number of these machines are working in Ireland, with two to three seasons under their belts. However, says the firm, it's not just a case of buying a new machine; you're buying into a whole new system for establishing your crops.

A 3m-wide, trailed Mzuri Pro Til 3T costs in the region of €70,000 (excluding VAT).