Video: Who wins the race between a new Claas tractor vs a 1960s Fordson Dexta?

A video of a tractor race between a new Claas tractor and a Fordson Dexta that was published by a Welsh machinery supplier has received over 150,000 views on Facebook in just one week.

Riverlea, which is a Claas dealership, published ‘The Race’ on social media on October 25 and the video has been shared more than 1,000 times.

The video features a grandfather/grandson rivalry as the grandson returns home from a Riverlea depot with a new Claas Arion 650 tractor.

Confident of the new tractors ability the grandson challenges his grandfather to a race on his 1960s Fordson Dexta tractor.

It takes a lot more than a single turn of the key for the modern tractor to start moving, meaning that the vintage tractor takes the lead.

A race down narrow lane ways keeps the new Claas tractor in second place until the road widens enough for the grandson to overtake and go into the lead.

Years of improvement in technology and engineering means the vintage tractor isn’t quite as comfortable as the bigger machine as it speeds through a wooded area and through floods.

The victor of the race then dances a jig and becomes a viral hit himself in this light-hearted production.

The film was produced by Octopws Media and was directed by John Bonham-Carter.

Riverlea, which has three depots covering the south and south-west of Wales, has franchises including Claas, Case Construction, Manitou, Ifor Williams and Husqvarna.

*Agriland does not condone racing tractors and this should not be tried at home.